24 April 2008

'Am I a serving leader or a self serving leader?'

Very interesting topic to discuss huh? Actually a very good friend of mine asked me to question myself wether i am a serving leader or a self serving leader. Well,before anyone of us could answer those question,we should first ask 'Why am i leading?' Finally i got a guidance from a book written by Ken Blanchard ;'The Secret". According to him,if we are leading with the intention to serve our people and organisation,we will behave in fundamentally different way than if our motivation is self serving.Furthermore,those who selected us as a leader must thought that we had a servant heart. I choose to be a serving leader eventhough i know that i have to sacrifice a lot of thing...i still remember when my husband hugged me after i won the election..with teary eyes he told me that from now on..he got to share me with my people..how sad but its my destiny and i believe with his trust and love..i could be a great leader one day...however,great leaders dont become great in a moment or in a month or a year. They become great leaders one day at a time throughout their lifetimes..

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